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As a Network Marketing professional you need a consistent, economical supply of the freshest and most responsive prospects to connect with in order to effectively grow your business. We offer just that, a wide range of recruiting products and packaging designed for every advertising budget. Check out the HIGH IMPACT advertising options that will save you prospecting time and take your business to the next level!

WE OFFER Guaranteed Verifiable
Results Not Empty Promises

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 Your Success Depends OReaching People Who Are Interested In What You Are Offering. That's Exactly What We Do For You Through Aggressive
High Impact Biz Promotions!

Welcome to Exact Method Marketing Strategies!
The Industry's Definitive Leader
In Aggressive High Impact Biz Promotions....
 We use interactive technologies to create sustainable wealth, for all businesses in Global New World Economies.

You Rely On Results. We Deliver Guaranteed Verified Results.
We can supply you with endless amounts of 100% Real In Person Guaranteed Sign Ups, Millions Of Targeted Emails,
Targeted Website Visitors, Facebook Friends, and Twitter Followers delivered direct to your business for more customers and sales now.

No More Chasing Family, Friends or Neighbors!

Did You Know many business owners are lacking in the areas of social advertising and social marketing. We excel in those areas also! Check out our proven successful social advertising platform to help your business get terrific exposure on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

How It Works.

There's no need for the recruiting process to frustrate you any longer.
My staff has years of experience in the recruiting process.
They are standing by to help actually build your business for you starting Right Here, Right Now, Today!

Exact Method Marketing Strategies and our network partners push over 2.5 million text and banner advertisements along with millions of targeted emails internet wide coupled with millions of Facebook Ads and Twitter Tweets each and everyday.

  Once a viewer arrives at our page, those interested in our advertisements are taken to one of our link pages. Each Page contains over 20 links to popular opportunity programs. My staff will produce a professionally written advertisement for your opportunity or business website. They will place that advertisement on one of our high traffic link pages.
When a viewer clicks on an ad link that interest them, they are redirected to the corresponding members website (YOUR PROGRAMS WEBSITE) through a special script. This script monitors the visitors progress through your website. If the visitor decides to sign up for your program, our script will capture the exact information submitted to your website, ( Name, Email, Phone Ect.) and place a copy of this information on our server.

This information is held as proof of delivery so once you log into your private stats suite that we will provide, you can verify this sign up information came through our system. You will also see the same sign up information in your own opportunity or program Website's Back Office and Genealogy Downline.

Having already helped thousands of business owners with their
 internet marketing and website advertising promotional efforts,
we can help YOU to attain higher paychecks and top ranking positions
in your organization. 

Our Quality.
The visitors to our advertisement page are in no way enticed or rewarded for signing up for a program. Visitors can feel free to sign up for the program they deem valuable. In fact only 5% of our visitors ever sign up for a program and 2% sign up for more than one program. For this reason we must push millions of advertisements across many networks to bring the people in to review these sites. Therefore our guaranteed sign ups quality is unsurpassed.

Our Guarantee.
We guarantee that the sign ups are from the United States and are genuine people interested in joining and learning more about your product or service. We guarantee the email address to be 100% fully deliverable. If an email can not be delivered to the address, then we will gladly remove the sign up and credit your account.

We can guarantee 100 % Real in Person Sign Ups to any program
that is free to join or free to try, even mailing list or blogs.

For Programs That Are Not Free To Join We Offer an Aggressive Targeted SPAM FREE Email Service, And Targeted Website Visitor Traffic to your MLM Website.

 We Also Recommend Facebook and Twitter Marketing Packages for all Opportunity and MLM Programs

 Our Delivery Times.
Whether you need 1000 signups in less than a month or 25 signups in a few days, our speed is unsurpassed in every way. As a common rule we set up most accounts to finish out within 30 days or less. In the event rush delivery is needed, we can make adjustments to accounts and have them finished in only a few days.

Your Private Stats Suite.
When you order any of our services, we will email you a username and password to log into your private stats suite from our website. Here you can check stats on how many signups have been delivered for the day and for all time. In addition to this you can verify the signups that came from us directly by cross referencing the private stats suite we provide
with your own opportunity or MLM back office.

We Look Forward To Serving You!

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Exact Method Marketing Strategies
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Phone: (919) 369-7765

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100% Real In Person Sign Ups

We recruit 100% USA Residence who are interested in YOUR OFFERS or OPPORTUNITIES, they will go DIRECTLY to your website and from there, you can expect them as customers and not lookers.

Targeted Email Services

Targeted Opt-In Email Marketing sends your exclusive email message to 1 or more millions of targeted opt-in recipients, all targeted to your choice of over 75+ categories! Send your exclusive email message and start getting online sales RESULTS today! We make emailing a solid and cost effective choice to grow your business!

Targeted Website Visitors

Online businesses MUST have visitors and traffic to visit their websites in order to generate online sales. The more targeted and timely that traffic is the higher the probability of making a sale to those visitors. With our service we send you the best targeted website visitors that your business can use to succeed online. Get GUARANTEED Targeted Web Traffic - we make it affordable and cost effective! Purchase the amount of targeted website traffic that you need today!

Facebook & Twitter Marketing

Your customized ad message and link will be posted (not just commented but actually posted) on various Facebook® accounts that total approximately 2+ million Facebook Fans Make no mistake about it... This service will help you grow your business, brand awareness & sales! The first time we tested this we were amazed at how much of a response we got. The second time we used it, it worked even better!

Make your company and its products & services known to over 425,000 people using Twitter® right now. Your customized ad message and link can be Tweeted on your Twitter® accounts to help grow your business and brand awareness. Reach into this whole new audience and find brand new customers for your business. We do all the work for you. Reaching large audiences in this social marketing arena is both affordable and effective.

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